Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana Says Science

The study of marijuana’s safety and usefulness is still going on, but experts are warning that it can have some very bad effects. Each and every drug that is commonly prescribed has possible side effects, some of which can be very bad, says Dr. Peter Grinspoon. When it comes to medicine, even medical cannabis, there is no such thing as a “free lunch.” However, with the right education and legal regulations, many of the above risks can be avoided or reduced. Here are five marijuana side effects to watch out for.

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5 Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana are as follows:

Complications of a Stroke

As a result, doctors say that people who use cannabis could have more problems with their strokes. Dr. Michael T. Lawton says that we can all have a bleeding stroke or an aneurysm that bursts. Marijuana users may be more likely to have bad strokes after an aneurysm burst, though. “If a person has a history of cannabis use or tests positive for drugs on a toxicology screen, the treating team should be aware that they are more likely to have vasospasm and ischemic complications, which can be very dangerous. In the toxicology screen, cannabis was the only drug that raised the risk of long-term brain ischemia.”

Permanent Brain Alteration

There are more and more studies that show that even small amounts of marijuana use can change the minds of young people. Hugh Garavan, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Vermont’s School of Medicine, says that “most people would think that one or two uses (joints) would not have any effect.” This intrigued Garavan and his team. “We wanted to find out if brain changes that happen when you use something for the first time affect how you use it in the future.” “Because these kids are young, their brains aren’t as strong as they used to be (age 14). This pruning process is thought to be interrupted by cannabis use, which has led to higher amounts (i.e., a disruption of normal maturation) in cannabis users. The number of neurons and their connections may have grown because of cannabis use.”

Surprising Side Effects of Marijuana

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition that affects men.

Study: Men who use marijuana are two times more likely to have erectile dysfunction (ED) than men who don’t use it. ED is becoming more common, and it’s important to know why, says Damiano Pizzol, MD, Ph.D. “Cannabis is used by about 147 million people every year, or about 2.5% of the world’s population. Urologists should tell all their male patients about the risk of ED, even though there is no medical specialty that monitors cannabis use and misuse, but we think that they should.”

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Changes in Personality

There are doctors who say that if you smoke marijuana a lot, your personality could change for the worse. People who use marijuana for a long time can have problems with their brain, says Carrie Barron, a doctor. “People who took part in the study had changes in their amygdala and nucleus accumbens, which are parts of their brains (areas linked to fear, aggression, paranoia, and addiction). People who smoke on a regular basis may be at risk, even though more research is needed.”

Issues with the Heart and Lungs

Hemp has been shown to harm heart health and heart problems. It’s important for people who use cannabis to be aware that, like smoking or vaping tobacco, there are possible health risks. Rose Marie Robertson, the American Heart Association’s deputy chief science and medical officer, says this. Because of the risk to the heart, lungs, and blood vessels, the American Heart Association says that people should not smoke or vape any substance, even if it is marijuana.