Is Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us?

Little compares to chocolate when it comes to finding a good and invigorating snack. Of course, the issue is that consuming too much chocolate is unhealthy. Few people grow up without learning that alcohol should be drunk in moderation.

However, the amount of cocoa a chocolate bar contains may determine just how much chocolate is excessive. You may have heard that dark chocolate is considered to be the “healthier version” of chocolate because it frequently has a cocoa content of 70% or higher. Whether or whether that is the case, you probably either adore or despise dark chocolate because of its distinctive flavor.

But the question remains: is it good for you? Check out this article to find out whether Dark chocolate really is better for us.

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Hail to the chocolate!

It’s hard to deny that chocolate tastes good, whether you’re a chocoholic or not! Chocolate treats are a well-liked pick-me-up since they are sweet, crumbly, and slightly caffeinated.

Moderation is key.

Unfortunately for those of us who enjoy chocolate, the snack doesn’t have the finest reputation in terms of health. We are taught from an early age that chocolate should only be taken in very little amounts.

Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us

Guilt-free enjoyment.

But more and more research points to the possibility of enjoying chocolate guilt-free by just selecting a bar with a high cocoa content.

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Old news

Of course, the notion that dark chocolate is healthier for humans than milk chocolate is not new. We have had this belief for a long time.

Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us

Going further

But it’s only now that we’re starting to pay more attention to chocolate and the plant components it contains that we’re starting to realize why this occurs.

The Inclusion of Flavonoids

A significant advancement in chocolate research involves flavonoids. These are fantastic small plant substances with a variety of health advantages.

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Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us

Context of cocoa

There are lots of flavonoids in cocoa. This is a key factor in why scientists think dark chocolate may have health benefits.

Scientific Support

In fact, the Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study found that taking a daily supplement of 400–500 mg of cocoa flavanol can help lower the chance of dying from heart disease.

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Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us


By lowering blood pressure and the degree of inflammation in the body, it accomplishes this. However, this does not imply that eating dark chocolate will always lower your chance of developing heart disease.

Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us

Worth Considering

Naturally, the content of flavonoids differs significantly between brands, and the methods used to manufacture, harvest, and process cocoa have a significant impact.

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Flavonoids from Additional Sources

It’s also important to note that foods like tea and berries are excellent providers of flavonoids and have lower fat and sugar content than other consumables.

Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us

We present theobromine.

However, theobromine, a plant chemical, is another component of cocoa that scientists think has health benefits.

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Caffeine vs. Theobromine

A psychoactive chemical related to caffeine is theobromine. But generally speaking, theobromine’s high is smoother than caffeine.

Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us

It’s done smoothly.

Chris Alford, a psychology professor at the University of the West of England, asserts that theobromine may be preferable to caffeine as a stimulant if you consume a lot of dark chocolate.

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High in minerals and Fiber

Dark chocolate contains vital minerals and is a source of flavonoids and theobromine in addition to having a greater fiber content than other sweet treats.

Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us


Additionally, it is typically dairy-free, making it a preferable option for those who are lactose intolerant or strive to maintain a dairy-free diet.

Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us

Sunlight and Chocolate

Even a tiny study has found some evidence that eating high-flavonoid dark chocolate can enhance the blood flow to the skin and shield it from UV ray damage.

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The Truth

Of course, eating dark chocolate has its disadvantages. Despite all the benefits it provides, dark chocolate still has a sizable quantity of saturated fat.

Saturated Fat

Cocoa butter, which is rich in saturated fat and is known to raise the risk of heart disease, is frequently found in dark chocolate.

Balancing Out

To that extent, it’s possible that the saturated fat concentration of some dark chocolate bars negates any heart-health benefits associated with flavonoids.

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Sunlight and Chocolate

Even a tiny study has found some evidence that eating high-flavonoid dark chocolate can enhance the blood flow to the skin and shield it from UV ray damage.

Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us


Naturally, there is some sugar in dark chocolate as well. Of course, the amount of sugar in each bar varies, so you may always choose one with less sugar.

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The issue is that chocolate bars are less palatable as sugar content decreases. Some people find bitter dark chocolate with a very low sugar level to be intolerable.

Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us

Complex Picture

And to further complicate matters, it appears that in order to make the potent flavonoids accessible, sugar and fat may be required (easy for the body to take in.

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Listening to the Expert

Some of these flavanols are complicated chemical substances, and adding sugar to them is one method to make them more palatable, according to dietician Duane Mellor.

That Ideal Region

Therefore, determining the optimal level of dark chocolate consumption is exceedingly challenging.

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More study is required

Currently, there hasn’t been enough research done to allow us to decide precisely what we should be eating.

Dark Chocolate Really Better For Us

Why Moderation is Crucial

Dark chocolate shouldn’t be regarded as a healthy food, and like all foods, it should be consumed in proportion. This much is obvious.

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So Overall

Dark chocolate is most certainly superior to milk chocolate when given the choice between the two, nevertheless.