10 Complements That Are Actually Quite Insulting, You Didn't Know


Giving a praise is usually innocuous and really makes the recipient feel better. However, certain praises may have repercussions that are...far from flattering.

For instance, a "compliment" becomes offensive if you express surprise at someone's "excellent" characteristic or conduct, make them feel uncomfortable, or even support racial or gender stereotypes. 

No matter how well-intentioned, you should pause before saying any of the following.

"Hey, you're on time!"

"Your new hairstyle makes you look so much younger!"

"I'm so impressed that you are handling the kids so well!"

"You are such a strong person!"

"You're a really good driver... for a woman!"

"You did a fantastic job handling that project on your own!"

"You're so gorgeous!"

"Great job getting that A! You're so smart!"

"I'm so proud of you for getting a raise this year honey!"

"You look great for your age!"


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