10 Recession Proof Careers That Will Survive the Next Economic Downturn


Talk of an approaching recession is filling our screens with headlines and talking heads alike. According to Investopedia, a recession is characterised by "two consecutive quarters of economic contraction, as measured by GDP along with monthly measures like employment.

Which has negative effects on employment, real income, industrial production, and wholesale-retail commerce.

Do recession worries seem exaggerated? Yes and no, says Glassdoor's chief economist, Andrew Chamberlain, PhD. In a recent video talk regarding jobs, he remarked, "It's been 10 years since the previous recession, that's the longest stretch in American history we've gone with steady growth.

He acknowledges that our current job situation is excellent but cautions that "cracks are beginning to show."

The Fed's recent interest rate reduction, which is the second since July, is one possible indication that has many people on edge.

While that may seem favourable for borrowers, Chamberlain warns that this is typically a poor indicator since it indicates that the potential borrowers are worried about the economy's slowdown and are looking for ways to boost it.

Home health aides

Occupational therapist

Informational security analyst

Physician assistant


Nurse practitioner

Wind turbine service technicians


Funeral director



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