10 water-filled foods that will keep you hydrated


They are low in calories (about 50), have a lot of fiber (3 grams), and are a good source of vitamin C (approximately 10% of your daily value).


It contains about 90% water. The best method to keep broccoli's benefits, which include iron, fiber and vitamins C and K, is to consume it fresh.


contains 88% water and are diet friendly especially when thrown in a salad


You're not mistaken if you imagine celery as green sticks of water. In fact, celery is 95% water, making it a better alternative than carrots for delivering dips, sauces, and spreads to your taste buds. Additionally, it contains a lot of potassium and vitamin K!


If the idea of cucumber water seems strange to you, just remember that cucumbers have  96% water, so cucumbers basically already are cucumber water. It’s actually the wateriest item on this list. 


Oranges are excellent for juicing not only because they taste wonderful but also because they already have water in them. Of course, they also include vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber.




 Fresh peaches are healthy due to their servings of vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as fibre, potassium, and some refreshing water. However, that kind is sold packaged in syrup. Peaches contain around 90% water!



 Three things that pineapples are fantastic for are tropical cocktails, toppings for pizza  and hydration since they contain more than 85% water. If you're like that, they also include vitamins and beneficial enzymes like bromelain (which aids with inflammation, digestion, sinusitis, and osteoarthritis



Strawberries are super juiccy because of  their extremely high water content. They’re also a surprising source of vitamin C and antioxidants



Not only a catchy name, watermelon actually has a lot of water in it, which is why you frequently see cool slices offered at barbecues. Additionally, it has more of the antioxidant lycopene than tomatoes and it includes vitamins A, B, and C


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