11 Ideas to Reduce Food Waste in the Kitchen


If you enjoy cooking, it's likely that you detest wasting perfectly fine food. Throwing away additional food or leftovers never feels good, whether it's because of the expensive expense of such waste or the guilt of not being able to use those surplus... even so, a great deal of us are guilty of doing it.

Here are some insider suggestions from working chefs on how to reduce food waste in your own kitchen since you should be preparing tasty, wholesome dishes and making the most of every fantastic item (so you're not breaking the budget!).

1. Read the full recipe before you even start cooking.

2. Use the right kitchen tools.

3. Use fish scraps in soups and stocks.

4. Use leftover fats to cook veggies.

5. Put extra fruit in your smoothies.

6. Freeze meat until you need it.

7. Get creative with cheese scraps and ends.

8. Use veggies to make a broth or saute.

9. Preserve and can leftover ingredients.

10. Make meatloaf with your scraps.

11. Use protein parts to make your own bone broth.


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