4 Restaurant Chains With the Most Craveable Menu Items in America


Gather, you lovers of quick food! Who has the finest meals is one hot issue that will never go out of style (or the worst). Despite differences in opinion, there is one fundamental truth on which we can all agree

You need to compare your options. This is due to the fact that although the fries are better in one location, the burgers are better in another. Nobody has complete control over anything.

It's okay that way. We like to go hunting. But you've come to the correct place if you've been looking for the ideal menu item that you just can't seem to discover. 

Consumers' preferences for menu items from the largest restaurant chains in America were surveyed by the analytics firm Technomic.

As fans voted on who had the best of the best on offer, thousands of fries were consumed, hundreds of milkshakes were consumed, and piles of burgers were marked and bagged. 

The ultimate menu including America's favourite meal has been created using the tallies that have been tallied.

1. Milkshakes at Steak 'n Shake

2. Burgers at White Castle

3. Ice Cream at Baskin-Robbins

4. Fries at Checkers and Rally's

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