5 Surprising Effects of Eating Tomatoes


Nothing spices up a dinner like fresh tomatoes, whether you slice them onto a burger that has just come off the grill, toss them into a salad to add some colour and texture, or sauté them with garlic for a hearty pasta dish.

This juicy fruit (yes, it's truly a fruit) is huge not only on flavour but also on possible health advantages, especially when they're in season—between May and October.

To be fair, not everyone enjoys tomatoes. They are among the most prevalent food allergies. Some people may experience unpleasant stomach symptoms as a result of them.

Tomatoes, on the other hand, are also loaded with several other vital vitamins and nutrients and are antioxidant powerhouses.

1. You'll have a reduced risk of sun-damaged skin.

2. Your mood may improve.

3. You may have some indigestion.

4. Your body may absorb iron more effectively.

5. Your wounds may heal faster.


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