5 Worst Foods To Eat for High Blood Sugar


Having high blood sugar can result in many different health problems. The main outcome is diabetes, which is thought to affect 34.2 million individuals in the US. A high blood sugar level indicates an excess of sugar in the blood.

This is a result of either insufficient insulin levels or improper insulin usage by your body.

There are techniques to regulate your high blood sugar, despite the fact that it may occasionally appear unmanageable. Altering both your diet and lifestyle practises might aid in maintaining it. 

This entails avoiding some meals that may be worse for your health than others (even if they are some of your favorites). The worst things to consume if you have high blood sugar have been listed below.

1. Fruit flavored yogurts

2. Pre-made smoothie or acai bowls

3. Processed carbs

4. Sugary cereals

5. Candy


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