7 dietary practises to feel younger after 50


It's only a number, age. You may feel young at any age, whether you're 32 or 82. However, society is always working to associate ageing with being bad, especially after the age of 50.

Either you are "over the hill" or experiencing your "mid-life crisis" if you are in your fifties. However, reaching your fifties is a wonderful thing, and you may do it while still looking and feeling young.

We spoke with a few dietitians to learn more about healthy ageing and to get their advice on how to look and feel younger as the years go by.

1. Eat fatty fish.

2. Improve your protein intake.

 3. At least twice daily, consume fresh produce.

4. Consume a range of foods.

5. Consume fewer servings of food.

6. Consume less red meat.

7. Breakfast should include avocados.

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