Hundreds May Have Polio, New York Health Officials Say


According to a news release issued by the New York Department of Health on Thursday, hundreds of residents of the state of New York may be polio positive.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett stated in the statement, "Based on prior polio outbreaks, New Yorkers should be aware that for every case of paralytic polio observed, there may be hundreds of other persons affected."

The Department views the lone polio case as the very beginning of a much wider potential spread.

The wastewater supply in both Rockland and Orange Counties had evidence of seven positive tests, according to health officials. According to the county's health department website.

The first incidence of polio was discovered in Rockland County in July and was most likely the result of travel to another country.

The health agency is urging unvaccinated residents to be poked in order to stop further spread.

It is advised that pregnant women and unvaccinated individuals, especially infants younger than two months old, receive the polio vaccination. 

Unvaccinated visitors visiting Rockland, Orange, or the New York City metropolitan region are at the greatest risk of contracting an illness, according to officials.

Polio may take weeks to manifest symptoms and does not necessarily result in acute sickness, paralysis, or death.

Almost 60,000 kids caught polio in 1952 alone. According to NPR, thousands of people perished and at least 3,000 sustained permanent paralysis. Bill Gates' 2017 prediction that the world would soon witness its final incidence of polio appears to be coming true.


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