Lottery Player Nets $11.6 Million, One of Largest Scratch-Ticket Wins Ever


A scratch-off lottery ticket winner from Placer County, California, described his surprise at becoming a millionaire.

According to a KTLA75 television report, Chad Fry purchased a $30 lottery Set For Life Millionaire Edition ticket and is now worth $11.6 million more. Fry is now the biggest scratch-ticket prize winner in California lottery history as a result of this.

Fry stated that his purpose for visiting Auburn's Foothill Market was to "purchase some beer and a lottery ticket." According to the lottery office, the Set for Life Millionaire Edition ticket boasts a grand reward that is twice as much as any other on the market.

"I'm sure it will hit me that I'm a billionaire, all those zeroes," Fry stated in reference to his wins.

"Hold on, let me quickly scratch this thing, I said. After halfway down the second line, I noticed the word "LIFE," so I scratched the first line," Fry informed the lottery officials.

According to lottery administrators, Fry opted to receive a lump sum payment of $11.6 million (before federal taxes) rather than $20 million spread over 25 years and intends to use the funds to purchase a new Ford pickup truck.

Another lottery player's lack of a winning ticket has resulted in an attack on a store owner in San Francisco, California.

Hisham Abu claims that on August 10 inside his shop, Sam's Shop, a customer shot him with a handmade weapon.

According to ABC 7 News, a guy brought a lottery ticket into the store in the morning. When Abu told him it was not a winner, the man became irate.

According to Abu, the man blamed him for the man's lottery loss. The consumer attacked the store owner with a bizarre improvised weapon made of a piece of wood and a balloon.

Abu stated, "He had a balloon in his hand with a pin from the front and he had a piece of wood nearly one foot long. He said, 'You sold a phoney ticket. A round was fired after [he] whacked the balloon with a piece of wood, striking my shoulder.

Abu claimed that before someone pointed out his wounds, he was unaware of them.

Abu hopes the unidentified man will stay in police custody, where he will be prevented from hurting anyone else, when he was later brought into custody.

Based on the information at hand, it is unclear what kind of lottery ticket the buyer bought from Abu.


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