Major Side Effect of Taking Your Medication With Coffee


Sometimes, as you go about your day, it might be difficult to fit everything in. The fact that you remembered to take your prescription is already a victory, so it shouldn't be a problem to take it with a cup of coffee, right?

In any case, a recent study has brought to light a significant problem for coffee drinkers who take any kind of medicine.

Reading about a fresh finding on one of coffee's health advantages is always fascinating.

However, a recent evaluation of studies conducted by a global team of scientists (headed by Italian endocrinology expert Luigi Barrea) indicated that drinking coffee too soon after taking medication "should be taken into mind in order to avoid interaction."

This result is consistent with studies conducted in Ethiopia in 2020 by two pharmacology researchers. 

More information was included in that research, which claimed that "coffee considerably influences the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of several medications."

Internal medicine specialist Purvi Parekh, DO, of Pennsylvania, warns Eat This, Not That! that taking prescription medication with coffee might lead to further problems.

The main problem, according to Parekh, is that coffee can intensify the effects of several popular drugs or influence how well they are absorbed.

She emphasises that this, in turn, might prevent you from achieving your objective of "getting the full benefit of the prescription."

1. Thyroid Drugs.

2. Osteoporosis Medications.

3. Acid Reflux Medication.

4. Leg Swelling.

5. Heart Failure.

6. High Blood Pressure.

7. Cold Medicine.

drinks not recommended after 40

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