6 People Who Should Never Drink Beer, According to a Doctor


Beer is a crucial component of many people's daily routines, whether they are going to the pub after a long week at work or simply want to crack open a bottle on a hot day. 

In fact, the average American adult aged 21 and older consumes about 28.2 gallons of beer year, according to Beer Info. But not everyone like beer, so don't blindly pass up that bottle if you don't like the flavour.

those who have had diabetes or prediabetes in the past

those who are overweight or trying to lose weight

people with a history of celiac disease or documented gluten sensitivity

Those who have experienced IBS in the past (IBS)

individuals with a history of cirrhosis or chronic liver disease

Those who have experienced heartburn in the past

Surprising Side Effects of Drinking a Beer Every Night

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