‘Pinocchio’ Jumps Into Live-Action in First Trailer for Disney+ Remake


The live-action remake of the beloved 1940 cartoon film "Pinocchio," which will debut on Disney Plus in September, has debuted its first trailer.

The animated film "Pinocchio," starring Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, is based on the beloved children's novel "The Adventures of Pinocchio" by Italian author Carlo Collodi, which was published in 1883.

Geppetto (Tom Hanks), a childless woodcarver, fashioned Pinocchio and made a wish on a star for the little puppet to grow up and become a real boy. A Blue Fairy (Cynthia Erivo) enters his shop after hearing his wish and brings the puppet to life. 

A jubilant Geppetto raises him as if he were his own child, but Pinocchio must embark on a coming-of-age adventure and learn what it means to be selfless, brave, and true in order to stop being just a live puppet.

Luke Evans, who previously played Gaston in the live-action adaptation of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," also appears in "Pinocchio" as the Coachman who runs the evil Pleasure Island alongside Hanks, Ainsworth, and Erivo.

Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio's friend and self-described "conscience," is voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the movie also has additional voice work from Lorraine Bracco and Keegan-Michael Key.

Robert Zemeckis, who also helmed "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," directed "Pinocchio," which he co-wrote with Chris Weitz and produced alongside Andrew Milano.

The movie's executive producers are Jack Rapke, Jacqueline Levine, and Jeremy Johns.

There are other forthcoming motion pictures featuring the well-known puppet besides "Pinocchio." Pauly Shore plays the title character in the animated movie "Pinocchio: A True Story," which Lionsgate Entertainment published earlier this year. 

Additionally, a stop-motion animated Pinocchio movie starring Gregory Mann, Ewan McGregor, and David Bradley is anticipated to be released on Netflix in December.

Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson are attached to direct. The Little Mermaid, which will be released in theatres on May 26, 2023, and "Peter Pan & Wendy," which, like "Pinocchio," will be a Disney Plus exclusive, are two further future live-action remakes of Disney animated flicks.


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