Protein-rich meals that will help nourish your muscles


The best protein-to-calorie ratio of any nut is found in almonds, which provide seven grams of protein and 175 calories per quarter cup meal.


 8 grams of protein can be found in every ounce of chicken. One of the leanest methods to increase your protein intake is with chicken, which only has 200 calories for a meal of that size.


You might refer to them as garbanzo beans or chickpeas, but we can all agree that they are an excellent source of protein. Three grams of plant-based protein can be found in every ounce of chickpeas, so you can add them to salads, or season and bake them for a satisfying snack.


24 grams of protein, as well as B vitamins, calcium, and other minerals, may be found in one cup of cottage cheese. Try mixing it with fruit to counteract the saltiness.

cottage cheese

Six grams of protein are added to your daily intake by each egg. Even though the white portion has more protein, the yellow portion still have at least two grams. With less than 1 carb and less than 80 calories in a single egg, they are  minimal in both calories and carbs.


Fish is a great source of protein. A 3-ounce meal of any of these foods typically has 20 grams of protein  and fish naturally provides a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.


greek yogurt

All types of yoghurt contain protein, however Greek yoghurt has more protein and less sugar. Greek yoghurt has 15 to 20 grams of protein per cup, about twice as much as normal yoghurt.



Almonds provide 7 grams of protein in a quarter cup serving, but peanuts have 9.5 grams ! In other words, a cup-sized serving of peanuts has an additional 10 grams of protein! Of course, compared to almonds, that same cup of peanuts contains 300 more calories.


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