Sandy Hook family attorney exposes Alex Jones


In a Texas courtroom on Wednesday, a lawyer representing two Sandy Hook parents cross-examined Infowars founder Alex Jones and fact-checked his responses in real-time, bringing attention to the right-wing conspiracy theorist's dishonesty.

Jones' financial obligation to Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, whose parents obtained a default judgement against him earlier this year, will be decided by the jury hearing the case. In order to receive $150 million in damages, the jury has been urged by a lawyer for Heslin and Lewis.

Jones, who testified alone for the defence during the trial, struggled under Mark Bankston's cross-examination of him on Wednesday.

A stunning turn of events occurred when Bankston informed Jones and the court that he had just come into possession of information demonstrating that Jones had lied when he stated throughout the discovery process that he had never texted about the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy.

Bankston claimed that Jones' lawyer had provided him two years' worth of mobile phone information, which included every text message Jones had written, in an apparent mistake.

Bankston said that Jones had indeed communicated about the Sandy Hook tragedy according to the mobile phone data.

Bankston responded, "That's how I know you lied to me when you stated you didn't have texts regarding Sandy Hook."

A text conversation Bankston had with Jones concerning Sandy Hook was displayed to Jones. Jones, though, claimed in court that he "never saw these text messages."

When informed that Jones had sworn under oath that he had examined his phone for texts regarding Sandy Hook during the trial's discovery phase, Jones asserted he "did not lie."

Jones falsely claimed that the Sandy Hook massacre, which resulted in the deaths of 26 people, was staged. Jones has subsequently accepted the shooting took place while facing legal action.

Jones claimed in a 2019 sworn statement that he initially thought it was staged due to a "kind of insanity.
"Jones also stated that he believes think the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred, claiming it to be "100% true" in court on Wednesday.

A noteworthy exchange occurred on Wednesday during cross-examination when Jones was questioned about whether he had linked the trial's presiding judge, Maya Guerra Gamble, to paedophilia and human trafficking.

When Jones denied doing so, Bankston showed a courtroom video of an Infowars clip that really did it.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs said on Tuesday that they planned to petition the court to punish Jones for lying while testifying. Additionally, Gamble had reprimanded Jones on Tuesday for twice breaking his word.

You have already sworn to speak the truth, according to Gamble, who spoke on Tuesday. "In just those two instances, you've already broken that pledge twice today. It seems silly to tell you once more that your testimony must be truthful. But here I am once more.

Jones completed his testimony on Wednesday, at which point the defence rested and the final arguments began.
The jury's decision on the amount of damages it would provide the Sandy Hook parents may be made as soon as this week.

The amount that Jones will have to compensate the several Sandy Hook families who sued him and obtained default judgments will be decided by the results of the three trials now underway.


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