Surprising Side Effects of Drinking a Beer Every Night


It's no secret that we still don't live in the most normal of times, and according to CNN Business data, during the coronavirus pandemic, alcohol consumption was significantly higher than at any previous period.

If drinking beer every night was your thing, over the past two years it may have truly grown to become your thing as a way to deal with stress and anxiety. Everyone handles things differently, after all.

Think about the negative impacts that drinking beer every night could have, according to these licenced nutritionists.

What volume of beer qualifies as moderate consumption?

What effects does drinking beer every night have on the body?

Your sleep may be affected.

However, there is one advantage to drinking a brewski.

Due to the hops and barley that are used in the brewing and fermenting processes, beer is said to be more nutritional than most other alcoholic beverages.

Beer is also reasonably high in "vitamin B, antioxidants, and silicon that may strengthen and produce stronger bones.

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