Surprising Side Effects of Eating Flax Seeds


Have you ever wondered what flax seed was when you saw it on a granola bag or in an internet recipe?

Flax seeds are the underdog ingredient that you should start paying attention to, even if chia seeds are a little more frequently utilised in dishes like overnight oats or even pudding. 

especially once you discover all the amazing ways that one small seed may help your body!

Here are some of the various ways adding flax seeds to your meals may improve your long-term health, as well as some cautions to keep in mind when you start, from enhancing digestion to lowering your risk of disease (and even boosting your cognitive performance!).

1. Flax seeds are bursting with fiber.

2. Flax seeds are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Flax seeds can benefit your overall heart health.

4. Flax seeds can assist with digestion.

5. Flax seeds can aid weight management.

6. Flax seeds may reduce the absorption of some minerals.

7. Flax seeds could cause digestive problems.

drinks not recommended after 40

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