The Controversial Costco Cart Hack That's Dividing Reddit


Think again if you didn't think that something as unassuming as a shopping cart could spark a heated debate. In fact, a number of people have found methods to make shopping cart etiquette contentious, whether they are in their neighbourhood grocery store or sitting at home browsing their phones.

People are so passionate about the restrictions and laws governing carts, in fact, that a bill was put out in New Jersey in 2021 that would penalise patrons who leave them in parking spaces designated for the disabled (per Politico). Reddit is at the centre of a brand-new debate about a Costco shopping cart hack.

This "hack" addresses one of the most significant shortcomings of Costco carts: their lack of a cup holder, which makes it challenging to enjoy a beverage while shopping. This isn't always the best for multitasking because the big-box merchant seems so eager to give its customers samples.

Fortunately, u/MTgal98 offered a fix for this issue in a picture uploaded to a forum on r/Costco. This Costco customer used the child safety straps on the cart because there was no built-in device to hold their wonderful beverage in place.

Although the majority of people undoubtedly use these straps to keep kids safely seated, they also appear to function fairly well as a temporary cupholder. The post, which appeared to be an innocent and enjoyable prank, sparked vehement debate in the comment area.

The caption of u/post MTgal98's reads, "I don't want to call myself a genius or anything, but here we are." Only 50% of Redditors who commented on the post seemed to concur with their viewpoint, though.

Redditors worried about the possible uncleanliness of the planned hack were on one side of the argument. These individuals emphasised how many kids will touch these straps before your mocha latte touches the same area.

Others showed no worry at all over the proposed hack's hygiene. A user who only had positive things to say about the original poster's creativity remarked, "I just heard a chorus of wonderful angels."

Another commentator even defended u/Mtgal98, pointing out that since Costco is a public place, customers will already come into contact with plenty of other pathogens there. Posted by this user: "It isn't wrapped around the mouthpiece, after all. The entire store is covered in germs."

In the end, it appears that the shopper must decide whether to take a chance on coming into contact with an unidentified disease or endure being thirsty while navigating Costco.


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