The McDonald's Menu Item With the Most Fat Isn't What You Think


Since opening its doors for business in 1940, McDonald's has gone a long way (via Britannica). McDonald's evolved from a drive-in eatery with a varied menu into a network of fast-food restaurants that mostly provided beverages, hamburgers, potato chips, and pies.


Business Insider claims that a hamburger only cost 15 cents back then.


McDonald's developed important brand elements throughout the years, including Ronald McDonald's clown face, the Big Mac, and architectural elements like the golden M-shaped arches. They transformed the fast-food business into the eateries that are known to us all today (via Britannica).


Today, McDonald's is thought to feed 62 million people every day (via The Fiscal Times). It is not surprising that McDonald's is the world leader in fast food with more than 38,000 stores scattered over 100 different countries (via McDonald's).


However, there are several elements in fast food that completely ruin diets. Which menu item at McDonald's contains the most fat? It's not the Big Mac, as a hint.


Double The Meat, Double The Cheese

The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, excluding breakfast, is the heaviest item on the McDonald's main menu. Two slices of American cheese and half a pound of meat make up this monster burger.

The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese from McDonald's includes 1,360 mg of salt and 42 grammes of fat, including 20 grammes of saturated fat. Despite the fact that trans fats are not mentioned on the McDonald's website, the burger contains an additional 2.5 grammes of trans fat. The standard Quarter Pounder with Cheese has 1 gramme less trans fat and 8 fewer grammes of saturated fat.

Extra saturated fat can raise cholesterol and increase your risk of heart disease, according to the National Health Service. Men should consume no more than 30 grammes of saturated fat per day, but women should consume no more than 20 grammes.

No one should consume more than one Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese each day, according to the calculations. Additionally, according to MedlinePlus, depending on a 2,000-calorie diet, you shouldn't ingest more than 2 grammes of trans fat each day.

It might be wise to pass on this stomach bomb of a burger if you're trying to make a healthy meal decision.


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