The Raiders' run defense helps keep them undefeated in the preseason


The Las Vegas Raiders managed to win in Miami and are still perfect in preseason play.

The game remained competitive the entire time, with both sides making significant offensive plays in the closing stages. After regaining the lead late in the fourth quarter, the Silver and Black secured a 15-13 victory thanks to a failed field goal by Dolphins kicker Jason Sanders.

"I believed that our men engaged in competition. We came here with the intention of trying to become better "Josh McDaniels, the head coach, stated. "They're a terrific football squad, so compete against them as such.

"They've had good training. They make it difficult for you. It's difficult because they put out a lot of effort and test you with their players and game plan. Our main goal was just to carry out our duties as effectively as possible, and I believe that our team made an effort to achieve so."

In the low-scoring contest, defence was crucial. While the Raiders gave up more than 300 yards via the air, their run defence was quite the opposite.

The Silver and Black's defence limited the Dolphins to only 37 running yards, which was a key contributing element in their victory. McDaniels stated that he was intent on being aggressive against the run.

Tashawn Bower, a defensive lineman, spearheaded the Raiders' excellent run defence. With five total tackles, two TFLs, and a sack, he was the star of the show. After joining the Raiders after spending two seasons with McDaniels in New England, Bower has emerged as a star throughout training camp (2020-21).

"Strong man. Not for the first time, I've been around Tashawn. He enjoys playing football, according to McDaniels. He is carrying out his duties ethically. He's giving us a wonderful example of how to use his opportunity to play on the edge. He's pressured the quarterback and tonight he utilised some force.

Bower confirmed his coach's stance on the necessity of stopping the run against the Dolphins by taking it extremely seriously before the game with his teammates.

It's largely the same approach where I work, Bower added. "You just stay focused on your task, trust your eyes, and let the blockers tell you where he's going to go. It takes faith in your eyes to halt the run.

"Having your vision, identifying your target, and being physically there when attacking will always be emphasised. On any team, if you don't stop the run, the other team will throw the ball and get their way.

Two more sessions and a preseason game against McDaniels' previous team, the New England Patriots, are still left for the Raiders to complete Training Camp. But for now, he'll be content with another preseason victory before watching the tape and starting to work again.

According to me, our players made a fantastic effort," McDaniels said. "Without a doubt, that wasn't ideal. Although there are many things we can do better and many lessons we can draw from this movie, I do admire the effort."


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