The two most popular series on Netflix right now are both new


The Netflix programmes Keep Breathing and The Sandman couldn't be more unlike thematically. The former is a simple drama about a New York lawyer who is stuck in the far reaches of Canada when her plane crashes.

The latter, adapted from his cherished DC Comics series of the same name, is a fantasy story by Neil Gaiman.

The fact that both of these programmes launched on Netflix within the last two weeks is the connecting factor, though. Both Keep Breathing and The Sandman will be released on Friday, August 5. 

Furthermore, despite their recent release, both shows have already risen to the top of the Top 10 Netflix series global streaming list.

Top 10 Netflix series this week

On Tuesday, August 9, Netflix released its most recent set of four charts, which covered the seven days that concluded on August 7. As a reminder, there are always two charts for English-language

material in the four (spanning movies and Netflix series). then two more covering movies and television series in languages other than English.

We should repeat that these figures depict worldwide watching activity across the entire Netflix user base. To provide a point of reference, the Netflix app features a daily list of the top 10 movies and TV series. However, that ranking is entirely domestic-focused for those of us in the US.

The Sandman: Season 1

Keep Breathing

Virgin River: Season 4

Stranger Things 4

Manifest: Season 1

Uncoupled: Season 1

Manifest: Season 2

Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99

Manifest: Season 3 

Stranger Things 3

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