The Worst Foods for Weight Loss


Let's face it: Losing weight can be challenging. You are aware that you should avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar in favour of "healthy" foods.

Finding foods that are healthy for you, however, can be difficult. Foods with a "health halo" are deceptive and can add hundreds of extra calories to your diet.

According to Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN, "Not all calories are created equal. For the same number of calories, meals high in fat and sugar are calorie-dense without a lot of nutrients, whereas foods high in protein and fibre are a lot more full."

Therefore, don't believe that a smoothie bowl topped with fruit, nut butter, shredded coconut, and perhaps some chocolate chips would aid in your weight loss efforts.

Take a moment to reflect on your portion sizes, the amount of sugary foods you consume, and the total number of calories you consume in a single sitting. You can see that it's not that simple to determine which foods are truly the greatest and worst for losing weight!

1. Acai Bowls.

2. Sushi.

3. Coconut Oil.

4. Sugar-Free Candy.

5. Keto Ice Cream.

6. Gluten-Free Ice Bread.

7. Wraps.

8. Energy Bars.

9. Frappuccinos.

10. Processed Snacks.

drinks not recommended after 40

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