5 Worst Steakhouse Chain Orders To Stay Away From Right Now


About chain steakhouses, there is something incredibly consistent. You can walk into practically any one and be sure of a few things

You can order your favourite steak and robust sides, and you'll probably leave full.

The most amazing thing is that there isn't one meat-and-potatoes restaurant that has the market to itself, despite the fact that these steakhouse classics are more or less cliché at this point.

Instead, it is a pretty lively shared space with major steakhouse franchises that range in price from prohibitively high to reasonably priced.

1. Texas Roadhouse's Country Fried Sirloin

2. Outback Steakhouse's 8oz. Sirloin and Aussie Twisted Ribs

3. Longhorn Steakhouse's Maverick Ribeye Sandwich

4. Ruth's Chris' T Bone Steak

5. Logan's Roadhouse Full Stack of Babyback Ribs