6 Once-Favorite Fast-Food Items We Don't Eat Anymore

Finding a popular new item at your go-to fast-food restaurant feels like striking gold.

These products may have generated a lot of noise when they were initially introduced or may have quietly crept up on you.

The novelty wears off with time; some of these dishes become one-time or seasonally available menu items that excite diners, such the McDonald's McRib or the KFC Double Down.

In other instances, a lot of fast-food innovations that were once a hit gradually lose momentum and popularity among diners.

Some of these dishes are removed from restaurant menus, but others survive thanks to a few ardent supporters.

Many of these fast food orders that are still hanging on by a thread occasionally make a comeback, but diners all over the world continue to be perplexed as to how these dishes and beverages keep making it into permanent menus.