7 Vegetables That Slow Aging and Reduce Inflammation


Discussing inflammation might be difficult. When you get sick or injured, your body uses inflammation as a wonderful self-healing mechanism! But chronic inflammation, which affects an increasing number of individuals nowadays, is a completely different matter.

When your body continues to release inflammatory markers even in the absence of an actual injury, inflammation becomes chronic. This can eventually result in significant medical diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and even some types of cancer.

The ageing process is very intimately associated with this kind of persistent inflammation. According to a study in the journal Aging and Disease, uncontrolled inflammation can ultimately hasten ageing and raise the chance of developing age-related illnesses.

Eating a balanced diet and staying active are important for reducing and preventing chronic inflammation. Even while we can't stop inflammation with a single food, there are several nutrient-dense foods we can include in our diet to aid.

Bell peppers


White potatoes

Dark leafy greens




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