8 Ideas for Healthy Dinners for Two


Even if you're only eating a meal with one other person, such as a partner, child, friend, or parent, it's natural to feel rushed at dinnertime and choose quick options, such fast food or frozen meals.

There are many delicious, quick-to-make, and highly healthy small-batch dinners available if you're looking to mix up your routine and satisfy your need for diversity.

Interestingly, family meals promote healthier diets and prevent weight gain in children and adolescents, and they are linked to higher diet quality.

Here are 8 delicious and healthy supper suggestions for two people.

1. A quinoa-chicken bowl

2. rice with sesame-tofu "fried"

3. Fish tacos with mango and avocado

4. Chicken with sweet potatoes and broccoli

5. A bowl of lentils and roasted vegetables

6. Lettuce wraps with chickpea and tuna

7. Pasta with salmon and spinach

8. Quinoa bowl with avocado and shrimp

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