Astrology's Opposition? Meaning and Effects

there are five major aspects one needs to look out for: conjunction, opposition, sextile, square, and trine.

And depending on the planets and points involved, these astrology aspects can either be beneficial or harmful.

The opposition aspect is one of the trickier ones in this group. And when you have this in your birth chart or in the synastry between two people

The opposition aspect in astrology is formed when two planets or points are 180 degrees apart from each other on the zodiac wheel.

Oppositions are always formed between zodiac signs that are friendly towards each other (earth signs and water signs, or fire signs and air signs)

This makes the opposition weird because, despite the zodiac signs sharing many similarities, they act in ways that are contrary to the other.

Oppositions are usually considered a bad astrology aspect. Mainly because it almost always points to an area of conflict in an astrology chart.

Neptune opposite Sun in a person's birth chart reveals that the person is generous in spirit, has big dreams and ambitions