best practises for drinking to lower blood sugar


Whether or not we get diabetes later in life depends greatly on our age. We are already at a very high risk of having diabetes if we are above 65.

Make the decision to address your blood sugar difficulties now rather than waiting until they manifest later in life. Our risk for high blood sugar is increased by a variety of genetic and lifestyle variables, not only our age.

1. Family history 2. Age 3. Ethnicity 4. Having gestational diabetes 5. Your physical activity level 6. Gender 7. BMI 8. Practicing a healthy lifestyle

Your chance of acquiring diabetes is influenced by a number of factors, including:

Diet and exercise, the two factors that have the biggest effects on health, are completely within your control. Let's examine the greatest drinking practises for lowering blood sugar in your fifties.


Opt-in to low carb alcohol.

Choose diet over regular.

Eat before drinking coffee.

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