Breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that are quick and nutritious


When attempting to follow a balanced diet, meal planning can be quite useful.

When the recipes use pantry essentials or durable products that you probably already have on hand, having a list of go-to dinners that are healthy and simple to prepare can help you save time and money.

Here are 13 quick, inexpensive, and healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas that are also kid-friendly.


1. Oats left overnight.

2. Avocado toast that's loaded

3. Baked broccoli and cheese

4. Egg cups with peppers


5. Italian pasta salad

6. Slow cooker lentil soup

7. Peanut butter and banana roll-ups

8. Sweet potato black bean meal prep bowls


9. Fridge/freezer stir-fry

10. Baked potato bar with healthy toppings

11. Caprese chicken breasts

12. Sheet pan pork chops and sweet potatoes

13. Healthy mac and cheese (with veggies)

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