Controversial Information Brands of Milk Don't Want You to Know


In the 1990s, "Got Milk?" print and television advertisements appeared all over the place. When you were watching TV at home, your favourite celebrity would occasionally urge you to consume more of the creamy liquid.

The days seemed to start with a large bowl of whole milk and cereal and end with a glass of chocolate milk back then. however, times have changed.

The popularity of dairy has been dwindling recently. The list of reasons why people are giving up milk is growing, whether it's due to health issues, lactose intolerance, problems with climate change, how the dairy industry treats animals, or all of the other plant-based options now available on grocery store shelves.

Additionally, milk brands haven't done themselves any favours by attempting to conceal some facts about their sector.

The industry is in turmoil

Prices for dairy products have skyrocketed.

Dairy farmers often have to dump milk because they can't sell it

Dairy marketing firms work with fast-food restaurants to develop milk-heavy menu items

Making milk is not good for the environment

Milk farming can be cruel to cows

Milk has been linked to certain diseases

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