‘I can’t do this’: Starbucks barista abruptly quits job while co-worker films a TikTok

Starbucks has recently been involved in a number of controversy-related issues, including claims of union-busting and complaints from employees that they are "understaffed, overworked, and worn out."

After a video of one of its employees quitting went viral, the coffee industry giant has once again come to the attention of the general public.

In the video, TikToker Faith M. Bryant shows off some brand-new Starbucks Christmas cups, but she is abruptly cut off by a coworker who storms in and announces that "he's quitting."

As Bryant recalls what her coworker said, she can be seen to be in disbelief. "You're quitting?" she asks. In response, the coworker says, "Yeah, I can't do this."

After being published on October 30 and receiving over 124,000 views, the film has sparked a discussion about the working conditions at Starbucks in the comments.

A third reviewer argued that the video "describes what it's like working at Starbucks more accurately than any 'come with me for a Starbucks shift' video ever could."