June 2023 horoscope is one of the year's best

Welcome to your horoscope for June 2023! We are now in one of the most favorable months of 2023.

With no planets in retrograde motion and an orchestrated resonance between key planetary actors

The first of June may be a date that some of us never forget! Today, Jupiter snuggles up to the Lunar North of Fate

 which could translate to receiving tremendous assistance from on high in the form of a teacher, guru, mentor, or even benefactor.

Throughout the entire month, Jupiter will also be collaborating with Saturn, which could result in many of us receiving positive news 

Pay close attention to what occurs around June 5, particularly in regards to significant relationships. 

Today, Venus enters Leo's sky, bringing exhilaration and a touch of drama to our interactions.

Give yourself some space to relax, especially as June 17 approaches. This is the time when the moon becomes new, but unlike the new moon in May