Labor Board Says Starbucks CEO Schultz’s Comment to Pro-Union Worker Was Illegal

Labor officials claim that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz's advice to a pro-union worker to "work somewhere else" earlier this year constituted an illegal threat.

I'm sensing a lot of hatred from you about Starbucks," Schultz said to pro-union employee Madison Hall during a meeting between him and Long Beach, California, employees in April. In a Long Beach business, Hall had led the union movement.

Why do you work at Starbucks if you detest it so much? Schultz went on. After that, Hall quit. The union claimed at the time that Starbucks hired Schultz again in order for him to head their union-busting campaign. It had been Schultz's first week back in that role.

According to Bloomberg, Schultz's comments prompted a complaint from labour officials who claimed that the CEO "threatened employees with termination by asking individuals to quit their employment because they engaged in union and/or protected coordinated activities."

The corporation might lighten up and be more forthcoming about its anti-union campaign, Hall suggested in response to Schultz's question about how he could assist restore trust in the workplace, the union claims.

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