This Creamy Veggie Lemon Garlic Pasta Can Be Prepared in less than 30 Minutes


The purpose of the weekend is to escape our daily routine at work. Over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, we all enjoy a well-earned break! Some people enjoy binge-watching movies and munching snacks all weekend long

While others prefer to sit down to a fancy supper with their loved ones. In either case, food is an essential component of weekend relaxation! We advise trying out this simple spaghetti recipe if you intend to spend the weekend at home. 

This lemon garlic pasta is excellent for a variety of circumstances, whether you're calling people home or just want to make a delicious meal for yourself. Italian food will be ready in 30 minutes or less!

For some reason, eating a satisfying bowl of spaghetti makes us foodies very happy. You will enjoy the best of both flavors—the zing of lemon and the earthiness of garlic—with this lemon and garlic pasta.

Cream cheese is used to create the silky, delicate texture of this creamy pasta. The fact that this spaghetti is vegetarian is the finest thing about the recipe!

How to Make Veg Lemon Garlic Pasta at Home: Lemon Garlic Pasta Recipe

1. In a pan, warm the butter and oil.

2. SautE lemon zest and minced garlic.

3. Add salt, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and lemon juice for seasoning. 

4. Include the pasta water and cream cheese.

6. Spaghetti should be cooked after being added to the sauce. 

7. In order to combine all the spice and achieve a creamy and smooth texture, the pasta water is crucial.

Pasta is prepared! With garlic bread and this quick and simple pasta, you can put a party on a plate.