Starbucks Broke Law By Closing Unionized Store In Ithaca, Labor Officials Say

Federal labour regulators have filed a fresh and extensive complaint against Starbucks, saying, among other things, that the coffee shop company fired its Ithaca, New York branch in retaliation against union workers.

The union's assertion that the store closure in June was done to discourage employees from organising was supported by a regional director of the National Labor Relations Board.

The director claimed Starbucks' actions were unlawful in the complaint he presented to the board on Tuesday, and he requested that the business be ordered to reopen the outlet.

The director further charged Starbucks with selectively enforcing work policies against union members, suspending or terminating workers who were activists, failing to bargain in good faith, and threatening to withhold benefits and wage increases from workers if they organised.

In addition to restoring the store, the director claimed Starbucks should be required to grant reinstatement to five employees and "make workers whole" for their lost pay.

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