Summer foods thwarting your efforts to lose weight


Summertime means going to the beach, relaxing by the pool, and indulging in all the delicious food available at barbecues and picnics. There are many meals to look forward to for anyone who enjoys the distinctive flavours of the season, but that doesn't imply your diet supports each option.

Even while eating burgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob makes summer feel extra wonderful, if you overindulge at your neighbourhood cookout, your weight loss efforts may suffer.

You may avoid gaining weight and make sure you arrive at fall with a smaller waist by knowing which summery foods can harm your diet the most. Consume This, Not That! a few specialists to determine the precise elements you need to watch out for at your next barbeque to make sure you don't go overboard with your diet.

However, there is no reason to avoid indulging in some of the healthful seasonal foods that are in season during the summer and can aid in your weight loss efforts.

Corn on the cob

Grilled Burgers

Smoothie Bowls

Ice Cream


Potato Salad

Egg Salad

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