Tauruses Need These Crystals

If you have an outgoing, energetic disposition, you’ll probably be drawn to the eye-catching, over-the-top appeal of a maximalist home

Emerald attracts good fortune and abundance, plus it’s the May birthstone. This gem can also boost your resolve and mental clarity

Keep it at your front door to protect your home’s energy field, or keep it close after a bruising encounter to neutralize any lingering negativity.

Pearls are known to promote our natural connections with the Moon and the seasons of the year, helping even out our energies

This stone will ease money-related emotional blockages that could, in themselves, be the root cause of a lack of abundance

f you’ve been pining for someone or something you can’t have, then rhodonite might help you get over it, make that break

This stone has such powerful grounding energy that it will pull you back to the present moment, no matter where your mind is.

This rock brings out your inner warrior, giving you the assertiveness, courage, and confidence to pursue your authentic life goals.