10 nutritious staples you ought to keep on hand at all times


A fully equipped kitchen is necessary to quickly prepare a healthy meal. But because many common healthful foods are highly perishable and must be consumed within a few days, many home cooks quickly deplete their supplies of food.

Even so, you may use a variety of wholesome, long-lasting staples from your fridge, freezer, and pantry to prepare nutrient-rich meals and snacks even if you run out of your usual go-to items.

Here are 10 nutritious essentials that you ought to keep on hand at all times.

1. Beans and lentils, both dried and tinned

2. Nuts, seeds, and their butters 

3. Cereals

4. Frozen fruit and vegetables

5. Maple and honey syrups

6. Apple cider vinegar 

7. Healthy fats for cooking

8. Fermented foods

9. Spices and dried herbs

10. Garlic and onions

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