The Unusual Pizza Topping That's Gained A Cult Following


The ideal snack or dinner is gooey, melted cheese with a sprinkling of oregano or basil.

all it a plan by serving it with a crisp salad, a glass of wine, or a lively group of friends. Pizza is a global phenomenon, a wonderful Italian cuisine icon, and in recent decades, has become a staple in every American home.

Pizza is so adaptable that it may have a wide variety of toppings on top, ranging from pepperoni, pesto, and bacon to additional toppings you've probably never tried.

There are pizzas for every budget, for every age, and for every dietary requirement.

But this is where the argument begins. While some people have a steadfast opinion that pineapple shouldn't be used on pizza, others love this sour fruit as a topping. 

The greatest toppings for adventurous eaters include mushrooms, artichokes, mussels, and sun-dried tomatoes, but some people can't tolerate the sight of an anchovy-topped pizza.

Pickles Give Pizza A Sweet, Crunchy, And Tangy Touch

Pickle pizza, according to The Washington Post, is here to stay. It is frequently served with cheese, dill pickles, and any other ingredient over white sauce rather than tomato sauce.

It first appeared as a traditional pizza with an acidic touch during regional state fairs. Now, several pizzerias across the nation use it as a topping. The restaurant that made this idea famous, Rhino's Pizzeria, is where you can find the original version, nonetheless, in Rochester, New York.

In the year 2018, a worker at Rhino's Pizzeria made a pizza with mozzarella cheese, white garlic sauce, and dill pickles on top (per Atlas Obscura). More dill was added to this pizza before it was photographed and posted to social media, where it quickly gained popularity.

You might believe that baking the pickles makes them mushy and soft, but food blogger Beryl Shereshewsky said that the pickles were still pretty crisp after baking. She gave the slice a "10 out of 10" rating.

Pickle pizza has garnered conflicting reviews in the comment area, therefore we believe you should sample it before making a judgement. 

If your neighbourhood pizzeria doesn't yet offer this kind, try adding some crunchy, chilled pickles to your go-to homemade pizza recipe.