This expert’s 7-day food and fitness bootcamp will help boost your brain health

I describe easy lifestyle changes that can significantly enhance brain health and reduce the risk of disease today, tomorrow, and in the years to come in my new book, The Age-Proof Brain.

This seven-day challenge is one way to test things out and see what works best for you if you're up for a brain boot camp.

Don't worry; there won't be any bullhorns, challenge courses, or treading water in jeans at this boot camp.

Here are a week's worth of tips for meals, exercises, and other lifestyle choices that will keep your brain young.

This challenge is not intended to make you follow these exact procedures continuously; rather, I want you to see it as a fun opportunity to try out new things, gauge your reactions, and choose which practises you want to continue using in your life after the seven days are over.

This implies that this week, regardless of whether you have a day off from work or are not need to be somewhere in the morning, you will adhere to the same schedules for waking up and going to bed.