Ways You're Undermining Your Efforts to Lose Belly Fat


Since it might be challenging to identify a particular item or behaviour as the primary contributor to weight gain, many people find losing belly fat to be an extremely frustrating objective.

We might undermine our attempts to eat properly and reduce weight in a plethora of different ways. 

After all, food is readily available everywhere these days, and the majority of choices seem to be calorie-dense foods with alluring aromas that encourage us to eat more and more.

Dietitians are adamant about mindful eating because of this. We have the most control over what and how much we eat when we are aware of the temptations and how we react to them (the mindless snacking).

So, if you want to practise mindful eating, be aware of these bad behaviours that hinder weight loss.

You don't eat enough.

Insufficient consumption of complete foods.

There aren't enough leaves in the rake.

Salads are dressed with dressing.

You disregard fibre.

You drink too many calories.

You use added sugar packets.

You hang with partiers.

You obsess over your bathroom scale.

You don't write yourself reminders.

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