How many Donut Holes for a group?

A donut hole is the sweetest example yet of “waste not, want not.” They’re the fried middle parts of regular donuts that are very tasty. There are a lot of times when donut holes can be eaten together. What about the number of people? Even so, we all know that serving sizes don’t always match up with appetites.

Donut holes should be about 8 to 16 for each person at a party, but if there will be other food, you should plan on less. There are about 4 donut holes in a serving, which is about the same as one regular donut in that serving. Men tend to eat more than women do.

After the amount, there is also the way, the way it’s done, and how much it costs, or the cost, if you want to call it that. Find out how to serve, save money, and more by reading on!

How Many Donut Holes Do You Need for a Party?

Donut holes can be served at many different events. A bridal shower, a party, birthdays and more are all good places to use them. You can also use them for weddings and anniversaries. They’re easy to get, plan for, and mix with other foods. This table can help you figure out how many donut holes you need to buy for your event, based on how many people you think will come.

Number of GuestsNumber of Donut Holes (Avg. 8-16)
1080 – 160
25200 – 400
50400 – 800
100800 – 1,600
2001,600 – 3,200

The lower end of the donut range may also be a good idea if you’re going to be serving a lot of other desserts or drinks. For example, if you’re planning to serve cupcakes, cake pops, fruit, donuts, and donut holes, you might think about giving each person 4-8 donut holes, rather than 16 or more. With so many other things to choose from, it’s likely that people will eat less than the serving size of 4, not more.

If you think 16 is too many donut holes for each person, you can cut the number down to 12 per person, which is the average of the 8-16 range. The chart below shows how this average should be used as a guide.

Number of GuestsNumber of Donut Holes (Avg. 12)

If you’re planning a big party, it’s important to figure out how many donut holes you need to buy. Having too many extras can cause problems with storage and food waste. Ziplock bags or Tupperware containers are good ways to store the donut holes after your event is over.

You can also be a kind host and give some to your guests when they leave. A lot of leftovers can be a pain to deal with, but if you don’t want to eat or get rid of them before they go bad, this will help.

Make sure you know how many people are coming to your event before you buy any food. To figure out how much food to buy, you can do your own math or look at the charts above. If you know your audience well, use them to figure out how much food you think they’ll eat. Children are more likely to eat 100 donut holes at their birthday party than adults are.

Ask a few of your guests how many they think they’ll eat. To get a sense of how many people will be there, ask a few people ahead of time to get a general idea.

How Much Will it Cost?

The price of donut holes for a party can vary a lot depending on where you buy them, what brand they are, and how many you buy. The prices from Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Walmart can help you figure out how much it will cost.

For $2.69, you can buy a pack of 28 donut holes from Walmart, which is a good deal. A 24-pack of donut holes costs $3.99 at Krispy Kreme, and you can buy a pack of 48 for $5.99. Getting 25 Munchkins at Dunkin Donuts costs $6.29, and a pack of 50 costs $9. That’s almost twice as much as the Krispy Kreme package, but you only get two more pastries.

Using those prices, we can figure out how much each donut hole costs at each place. For Walmart, one donut hole costs about $0.10. At Krispy Kreme, it costs about $0.17, and at Dunkin’ Donuts, it costs about $0.25. Take all of these prices and figure out the average cost of pastries. It comes out to about $0.17 per donut hole, the same as Krispy Kreme.

Number of GuestsNumber of Donut HolesCost AverageCost at Krispy KremeCost at Dunkin’ Donuts
Cost of Donuts (Without Tax)

People who buy a lot of donut holes at once can figure out how much it costs. As shown in the chart above, you can expect to spend about $1-$2 per guest.

What are Donut Holes?

To make donut holes, you use the same dough you use to make donuts. Overworking yeast dough, such as rolling many pieces of dough into a new sheet for cutting, can make the mixture dense and heavy. The first donut holes were made from the dough cut from the center of regular donuts to avoid waste. Even though donut holes have been around since they were first made, they have been used in many different types of donuts and production. This includes cake donut holes, which don’t use yeast.

Donut holes are now made more often by running the dough through an extruder, which has a nozzle that can control the width and length of the dough before cutting. This makes dough balls of the same size. A lot of big bakeries use the same thing to make regular donuts, but they use a ring-shaped version of the same tool.

Today, donut holes are celebrated as their own kind of treat. Even though they don’t always come in the same flavors as regular donuts because they are so small, they are just as tasty. Some of the most common flavors are glazed, chocolate, powdered sugar, cinnamon, and red velvet, but there are also pumpkin or Nutella-churro donut holes.

How to Serve Donut Holes?

Party food is all about how it looks. Serve donut holes in beautiful ways that both you and your guests will enjoy. To serve donut holes the fastest and easiest way, put them on a plate and set them out for your guest’s buffet style if you have a plate that fits your theme.

This is another way to serve them. You could serve them on a stick, making them look like cute dessert skewers. This can also be a good way to keep track of how many donut holes each person eats. Donut holes can be put on cake pop sticks and frosted to make them look more colorful. You can put a lot of different kinds of donut holes on a long stick, so each stick is about the same size as a serving. It’s good to use baking sticks to eat donut holes without making a mess.

Some people like to put about 4 donut holes in a cup of their choice. To make the desserts look good, choose a nicer cup to serve them in. Party and craft stores, as well as Amazon, sell cheap but nice paper or plastic cups that can be used for food. If you don’t have any serving dishes of your own and your budget doesn’t have a lot of room, you can buy cheap but nice paper or plastic cups there.

Stacking the cups in a tower makes it more fun. This also makes the cups easier for guests to reach, which makes it more fun for them as well. If you aren’t sure about the safety of a donut hole cup pyramid, you could put the serving cups on a tiered cupcake stand instead.

If you want to make a very unique centerpiece, you can even make a tower of donut holes! When you stick toothpicks into a large foam cone, you can put donut holes on the ends. If you think you’re good at engineering, you can skip the cone and just use it as a model, connecting the donut holes to each other until the tower is done, then taking the foam cone off. This is a good idea for birthday parties, sugary parties, or any event that needs a little extra flair.

What to Serve with Donut Holes?

How many Donut Holes for a group?

Think about the flavor of the donut holes when you choose what else to serve with them. They come in chocolate, clear, powdered sugar and cinnamon flavors. All of these flavors go well with hot chocolate or apple cider, which is a fall drink that you can make with hot cocoa. Then again, if you plan to have more single-flavor foods, like lemon or strawberry donut holes, you might want more options.

Having a lot of different snacks, drinks, and treats for a big party is good. Having a wide range of goods gives your guests a lot of choices about what to eat. Your guests will be happy, and you will be happy, too. All of your planning work will be worth it. Fruit cups, fruit salad, or desserts like tarts are good companions for donut holes at a party in the evening.

For a breakfast-themed event, you can always go with the safest bet: classic breakfast foods. To go with donut holes, eggs are a good choice. Eggs are one of the most versatile foods you can serve. For a fancy tea, eggs benedict can make your donut-hole-eating do look more sophisticated, or scrambled eggs and bacon can make your meal feel homier. There are also fresh slices of fruit and juice if you want a lighter drink. You could also make a donut hole parfait.

They serve donut holes with drinks sometimes. They put a toothpick through the donut hole and put it on top of a glass of their favorite drink. In this way, you can serve donut holes in a fun way. You can also change it up. You can have a variety of donut holes and drinks and serve them in fun ways this way.

When planning a spread, always think about how the flavors will all come together. People might not be happy if they only ate heavy, sugary foods. Too much sweetness can be balanced out with something bitter or salty, like salads or sandwiches, to make it less sweet. When you think about each flavor, think of it as a brushstroke in a great painting. This way, each flavor works well with the others. With something lighter, like the natural sweetness of fruit or a vegetable tray that is still very fresh, you can cut down on heavy things.

All kinds of donut holes are also good with chocolate. You can serve chocolate squares as a treat, or you can be creative and serve chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered pretzels, and many other things as a reward. If it’s cold outside, you might want to serve hot chocolate at your party. If you want to dip something in chocolate fondue, donut holes are also good because their texture holds together well under the flow of warm, melted chocolate.