Malt Vs Shake

if you’ve ever been to a diner that was run in the old-fashioned way, you may have seen that malts and milkshakes are listed separately. There are two different drinks. The two are very different. You might think that, after your order, they look almost the same.

A milkshake is made with milk that has been malted. A malt, on the other hand, is made with malted milk. All milkshakes and malts are made of milk, ice cream, and some kind of sweetener. Your milkshake gets thicker and more malted when you add malted milk powder.

So even though they look the same, they are two different types of drinks. They’ve been a favorite dessert drink for a long time now. With a wide range of flavors, mix-ins, and other specialties, there’s something for everyone to like at the store. For so long, you may not even know where they came from.

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Where Did The Malt and Milkshake Come From?

Malt Vs Shake

People in the United States like to eat malts and milkshakes. It was different back then, though. They weren’t very family-friendly back then. Whiskey was used to make milkshakes, which were first made in the early 1800s. We used to call it eggnog. Whiskey, on the other hand, wasn’t used until the 1900s. This meant that syrup could be used by people of all ages.

When milkshakes were made by hand, they were not easy to make. All of this took a lot of work and strength. In 1922, everything changed. Steven Poplawski came up with the idea for the blender, which cut a lot of time off of work. This new invention made it possible for malt to be made, too. A Walgreens employee named Ivar “Pop” Coulson made the first malted milkshake by putting ice cream and malted milk drink together and then putting it in a blender.

Because of the metal container that was used to mix milk and chocolate syrup, malted milk drinks were made by pouring the milk, chocolate syrup, and malt powder into a glass. As soon as Pop Coulson set off his revolution in 1922, it was a very hot summer day. A lot of vanilla ice cream was added to the basic mix, then he added another. The name of Ivar “pop” Coulson is also known.

With both of these served at restaurants across the country, there was a big milkshake and malt craze at the same time.

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What is Malted Milk Powder?

Malt Vs Shake

Barley, dried milk, and wheat flour are in malted milk powder. Barley is part of the grass family and is often found in cereal. Barley, when it’s ready, is dried and ground into a powder that can be used in milk powder. Dry evaporated milk and wheat flour, which is then added to the dry evaporated milk and wheat flour mix.

William Horlick is thought to have made malted milk. There’s a chance that wasn’t the only person who came up with it, but we don’t know for sure. The idea behind malted milk was a type of milk that could stay fresh for a long time. One that wouldn’t be bad.

Horlick and his brother, James, used to say that their milk was a “superfood.” Barley and wheat were thought to be good for you and very healthy. Because of this, the Horlick brothers were able to sell it as both a tablet and powder. It was sold as a drink for babies and kids who had been sick. People say that this will help them get their health back.

As it grew, it was used for more than just babies. It was used to treat digestive problems, as rations for emergency services, and even as food for soldiers on long trips to eat. It was also a separate drink called “malted milk,” which was made with milk and chocolate syrup.

Now, we see it all the time in malted milkshakes. Anywhere can be served these. Even though they’re usually served at old-fashioned diners, they’re also served at places like Sonic or Culvers, which are fast food places. You may have heard of a “concrete” drink before. This is even what came up with it. A milkshake that is so thick that you can turn it upside down and it won’t spill. If you’ve been to Dairy Queen, you might have seen this in action. They often flip their concrete mixers before handing them to you, to show how thick they are.

Malt vs. Milkshake

We already know the main differences between a malt and a milkshake, but there are also some other differences between them.

Malts are not only thicker than milkshakes, but they also have more sugar than milkshakes do. You can eat malt powder by itself, but when you add it to your milkshake, it makes it sweeter than the original dish. The malted powder also makes the milkshake thicker and smoother than it would be without it.

In general, malts are not as healthy as milkshakes because they are made with grains and other things. Even though you may not be eating a malt, or a milkshake, for its health benefits, it is still a good idea to eat these foods. It’s important to note the difference in calories because they can add up over time. In general, a milkshake has about 356 calories in it, and malt has about 700 calories. They also cost more because of this mix-in.

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Malted Milk Powder in Other Dishes

There are many ways to use malted milk, not just for making milkshakes.

There is a lot of malted milk in the candy Whoppers. Which you can buy, but also make. Baked sweets like cakes and puddings can also be made with malted milk.

It can be used to make a topping or a drink, and it will add sweetness to any dessert you make.

If you wanted to make bread, you could also use it to do that. The malt was often used for that. The milk powder gives the bread a sweeter taste and is used a lot to make wheat bread.

Malted Milkshake Recipe

A classic malt recipe for you to try now that you’ve learned more about the malt.

Malt Vs Shake


  • 1 cup of milk (low-fat)
  • Ice cream: 1 tablespoon (slow-churned or reduced-fat)
  • It took 4 tablespoons of malted milk powder to make this.
  • Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract


  • Gather your ingredients: Make sure you have everything you need before you start!
  • Add your ingredients to your blender:
  • In a blender, mix for 10 to 20 seconds, or until the mixture is thick and creamy.
  • Tall glasses should be used for this.
  • Putting in a straw, and then having a drink.